Best Coffee Machines for Your Office

Office coffee machines can make all the difference to your working day. A quality cup of coffee is a great pick-me-up for staff at all levels, having a hugely positive impact on motivation and productivity.

Here we take a look at some of the best commercial coffee machines on the market, and explain how they could benefit your business.

1. The Peru

If you’re a large company in need of a heavy-duty coffee machine that can handle anything, The Peru is the machine for you. Strong and durable, it’s capable of making over 1,000 cups of coffee per day – enough for the entire workforce several times over! It also caters for all tastes, with 24 speciality coffee options available.

The Peru features flash water heaters, so you don’t have to wait for the water to boil. An optional fresh milk fridge is available for the machine, which features an innovative cleaning system between cycles to ensure maximum hygiene.

To top off this excellent package, The Peru has the professional looks you need to make a great impression on visitors to your office. It even features a multimedia touchscreen for advertising, enabling you to get your brand message across to every coffee drinker who calls in!

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2. The Bolivia

This stylish, user-friendly bean-to-cup machine is ideal for medium to large companies who can drink their way through over 700 cups of coffee a day! Its compact design makes it ideal for office layouts of all shapes and sizes, and its 7-inch touchscreen is highly intuitive to use.

Its flash water heaters give you the on-the-spot coffee all busy workforces need, and you can choose from regular or decaf to suit your preference.

3. The Vitro

Medium-sized companies will love The Vitro, with its capability of over 300 drinks per day. It offers a coffee shop menu with 10 different varieties available, and a fresh leaf tea option for anyone in the office who isn’t a fan of coffee! It can also be ordered with a fresh milk option and integrated fridge.

This attractive machine is perfect for trendy, forward-looking businesses – it has intuitive touch technology and even features mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere in your office at all times!

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4. The Platinum

The Platinum is the machine for true coffee lovers in small to medium companies. Its compact, streamlined design will fit perfectly into any workplace environment, and it even helps you generate brand awareness, thanks to its multimedia screen designed for advertising use.

The Platinum can make over 150 drinks per day, so it’s ideal for regular motivational caffeine hits – you can even choose to go large for an extra boost! Or if you prefer a healthier option, you can select the decaf option.

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5. The Compact

Ideal for start-ups and small businesses, The Compact offers everything you need from a basic workplace bean-to-cup machine. Its attractive, versatile design lives up to its name, making it ideal for offices where space is at a premium. Even better, this small package is capable of providing you with over 70 cups of coffee per day!

With 10 different drinks options available, this is truly an ideal machine for fledgling companies who are on the rise, giving you the essential boost you need for future success.

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For more information about these or any of the other coffee machines Now Coffee can help you with, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and find the perfect coffee solution for your workplace.