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Ethically sourced, fresh roasted coffee from Formby, Liverpool delivered locally to your home or business. As a micro artisan roaster we only roast small batches, ensuring your coffee is beautifully fresh, whatever your preference.

Prices shown are for whole bean coffee, with pre-ground coffee at an additional £1.00 per kilo

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Full body, strong yet smooth with hints of pear and chocolate with a pleasing baked biscuit aroma. PRICES FROM: £7.00 (for a 250g bag)


Dark chocolate, caramel, nutty with a creamy body and a bright finish. PRICES FROM: £7.25 (for a 250g bag)

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Honey, strawberry-milkshake with just that hint of lime. Ideal for filter coffee lovers. PRICES FROM: £7.25 (for a 250g bag)


Full bodied, raspberry, sultana, dark chocolate with a sweet lingering marzipan aftertaste. Fantastic as an espresso. PRICES FROM: £7.50 (for a 250g bag)