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  • 24 Hour response call out service
  • Full installation including water filter and connection up to 5 meters
  • In-house training on how to operate and care for your machine
  • 6 monthly valet, descale and replacement water filter
  • Call out including parts, labour for lifetime of manufacturer’s warranty

0844 357 2334



Coffee Machine not working:
  1. Check the power to the machine is switched on at the wall.
  2. Is the power switch on the machine itself turned on?
  3. Check drip tray is not full and has automatically turned the machine off.
  4. If the machine has an electronic timer (Automatically switches on/off at night) Check it’s not in sleep mode.
No coffee or water pouring from group head:
  1. If making a strange noise when you press the button but no liquid is coming out, check the water connection has not been disconnected or turned off, usually via a little blue tap.
  2. If water supply is fine, try switching machine off/on again to reboot.
No hot water (for tea):
  1. Check machine is at working pressure with no error message being displayed.
  2. Check water outlet isn’t blocked with scale. (White residue built up around the pouring spout)
Machine is leaking:
  1. If leaking clean water: Check the inlet hose going into the machine has not split, or more likely if the fitting to the machine has worked loose.
  2. If the water is dirty: Check waste pipe is not blocked, or that the pipe end is not sat in the water, as this can cause an air lock and lead to back-up.
  3. Check waste coffee puck bin is not full causing an overflow.
  4. If leaking from the front dispensing area. Check the mixer bowls have not become blocked with ingredient residue.
  5. Check drip tray is not overflowing, although machine should automatically turn off before this happens.
  6. If you cannot stop a leak, turn off the water supply, switch power off at the mains and call for an engineer.
Coffee is tasting bad:
  1. Have the mixer bowls been cleaned? (Should be done everyday or at least every few days depending on usage)
  2. Have the group heads been cleaned? (Should clean daily)
  3. Perform a rinse cycle on the machine and re-taste for improvement.
  4. Are the coffee beans stale? Beans will start to degrade and not taste that good after just 3 days, so only fill the bean hopper to accommodate anticipated usage for that maximum time period.
  5. Are you cleaning the brewer at least weekly with a recommended cleaning tablet?
  6. Has the water filter been changed recently?
Coffee is cold:
  1. Is the machine set to and reaching full temp?
  2. Are you pouring into a cold cup? This can reduce the temperature of your coffee by up to 20c.
Coffee grounds in cup:
  1. Is the group head nice and clean?
  2. When were the grinder blades last changed? Ideally, blades should be renewed at least every 12 months.
No coffee/ingredients mixing in with the water:
  1. Check the bean hopper slider is open.
  2. If so, turn power to machine off and agitate the remaining beans using a non metallic utensil.
  3. Check beans are not stuck in hopper neck using a none metallic utensil. (Never use your fingers to clear hopper’s neck, especially whilst machine is switched on)
  4. If using instant coffee check dispensing tube is set to correct position or has not become blocked with damp ingredients
  5. Check other ingredient dispensing tubes for same issues.