The Advantages of Having a Office Coffee Machine in the Workplace

he Advantages of Having a Office Coffee Machine in the Workplace

An Office coffee machine is an integral part of working life for many companies. This is because they actually provide a wide range of benefits for your business. So if you’re thinking of installing a coffee machine in your workplace, here are some of the reasons why it’s a positive move.

1. It boosts motivation and productivity

Coffee (or tea, for those who aren’t coffee fans) provide a great pick-me-up throughout the working day. It enables employees to have a boost whenever their energy is flagging, making them feel more motivated and enabling them to achieve more during the day.

Having a commercial coffee machine on-site is ideal for this purpose, as it can produce large amounts of coffee throughout the day, and offers a variety of options to cater for different tastes.

In addition, installing a machine in your office increases productivity further, as it saves the need for anyone to leave the office whenever they need a caffeine hit!

2. It encourages cooperation and teamwork

An office coffee machine is a great way for employees to bond with their colleagues. Often groups who sit together will take turns getting the coffees for everyone, encouraging a teamworking spirit which is then carried over into work projects.

It’s ideal for helping new employees to fit into the company easily, as taking their turn getting the coffees will be seen as a rite of passage, confirming that they’ve truly been accepted as part of the company.

3. It helps with staff recruitment and retention

When you’re hiring new staff, you want to make sure you’ve got the best people for your team. Talented candidates are likely to have plenty of job offers, so they’ll need to see a distinct point of difference that will encourage them to choose your company over others. Office coffee machines are exactly the kind of selling point that will gain you the best employees, as it demonstrates that you care about your workers and are prepared to offer them perks in return for their hard work.

This applies equally to staff retention. Employees feel more loyal to a company when they feel valued. Having access to free coffee on-site is a sign that you appreciate them, and could be the deciding factor in whether someone stays or moves on to a new opportunity. Retaining staff has a direct impact on your profits, as it saves you the costs associated with recruitment and training.

4. It increases awareness of your brand

A coffee machine enables you to provide hot drinks instantly for visitors to your office. This level of service makes all the difference when it comes to impressing your guests, from customers right through to members of your board. A visitor to your office is more likely to remember your brand and think of it favourably if you have provided them with a great cup of coffee!

In addition, many commercial coffee machines now feature integrated multimedia displays for advertising purposes. Having your coffee machine in a prominent position means that your brand message will be seen by everyone who walks past the machine, making your business instantly more memorable.

For more information about what an office coffee machine could do for your business, or to find the perfect solution for your workplace, please get in touch. Our expert team at Now Coffee will be happy to discuss your needs.